Style Up with Nail Art Accessories

By on December 22, 2015

When you think about beauty accessories for women, the first thing that comes to mind is ornaments such as earrings, bracelets, pendants, hair clips and anklets. All these items can express ones personality and individuality. However, nail accessories also fit into this list and they can do just as much to make a fashion statement. Nail art is a trending fashion style that women use to add some style and sparkle to their hands. It has become so popular amongst celebrities and even with runway models. As such, some women consider cute salon perfect nails as an indispensable addition for that complete gorgeous look.

Why Use Nair Art Accessories?

As nail art becomes more and more popular, getting stylish manicures is now a big fashion hit amongst women. What is unquestionable though is the fact that using nail art accessories has many benefits from a fashion perspective. Not only is this a great way to complement your whole look, perfect manicured nails can draw attention to other accessories like rings and bangles. This is also a great to complement the theme or main colors of an outfit. The best part about decorating your nails is that it is an inexpensive way to add some style to an outfit.

Types of Nail Art Accessories

Women have many options to choose from when it comes to types of nail art accessories. These range from nail polish, decals and stickers, to nail jewels, charms and 3-D art.

Style Up with Nail Art Accessories

Nail polish is the most common way to style up nails. The great thing about this option is that women can choose from a wide range of colors. Solid nail polish hues can complement one’s skin tone or outfit colors. Some shades come with a glitter appearance that makes the nails stand out even more.

For those wishing to take nail art to the next level, they can add drawings to their polished nails. Nail artistry is a fun way to accessorize. Women get to choose from freehand and stencil drawings. Manicure artists can come up with creative drawings that come in all shapes and designs. Examples of drawings include flowers, birds, hearts and other intricate shapes. Nail drawings always come in pre-printed designs, so one does not need to have an artistic talent at doing salon manicures.

Nail decals and stickers are more common amongst teenagers and the younger crowd of women. These accessories are cheap and come in all kinds of prints. Since no printing on nails is required, they are also easy to apply and remove, which makes them more appealing.

A style that comes close to nail decals and stickers is 3-D art. These nail accessories are also applied on fingernails, and they can be in acrylic, mold or sticker form.

In case you are looking for a more expressive way to style up your nails, then you should try nail jewels and charms. Nail jewels are typically small rhinestones that stick onto nails quite easily. Nail charms on the other hand take the form of hoop earrings, and they are metal jewelry pieces that hang off the tips of nails. Both of these elegant nail art accessories are great when attending formal events or for women who simply want to make a flashy fashion statement.

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