2013 Hair Trends: Fringe/ Bangs

By on March 23, 2013

Fringe has always been a trend. Almost everyone has worn fringes throughout the life. There are people who can’t imagine their hairstyle without bangs, but there are some who just can’t bear wearing them. Which group do you belong to? Personally, I used to hate fringes. The reason was I didn’t know whether they really suited me or not. But due to my professional hairdresser, now I feel myself very comfortable in my new fringe.

2013 Hair Trends: Fringe/ Bangs

Has the Fringe Changed?

As we have mentioned above, fringe has always been a trend. We can say that it’s dominating, as it’s also a hair trend of 2013. So, here a question arises: has it ever changed, or has it changed partially? The answer is: it has changed slightly. They are still thick, long and brusque.

Haircuts to Wear With a Fringe

There are many women, who want to have 2013 fringe and to look trendy, but they don’t know what haircuts will be best with the fringe. We will post some types of haircuts, and it’s up to you to choose which one to have.

The bob with Bangs

The bob with bangs was 1920s style. For 2013 bob should be chin-length or shoulder –length. This hairstyle will have a perfect look with a bang. You can add some choppy style to your bobbed hairstyle. Bob with bangs is considered the 2013 hair trend.

2013 Hair Trends: Fringe/ Bangs

Long hair with Bangs

If you have long hair and don’t want to have it cut in order to have a fringe, don’t be upset. Bangs are very cute with straight long hair and with wavy long hair. So, it’s not obligatory to have your hair cut in order to wear bangs and be in style.

Suitable Hair Colors for Fringes

Here the problem is easy to solve. You can have black, red, brown and blond hair, i.e. all colors will be perfect with 2013 bangs.

Faux Bangs

Good news for those women and girls who want to wear bangs without having their hair cut. Simple solution. Just use artificial bangs. It gives you an advantage to experiment all types of fringes without touching your proper hair. Later, you will decide which one to choose and which one goes best on you.

So, take into account all the factors mentioned above while wearing 2013 bangs. Remember that it greatly depends on your hair type and shape of your face rather than your hair length and hair color.

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2013 Hair Trends: Fringe/ Bangs

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