Auburn Hair Dying Tips

By on April 8, 2013

Many ladies prefer auburn hair color, as they find it very attractive and trendy. We distinguish between light and dark auburn hair shades. Match the auburn shades with your skin color.

From Auburn color you will get a reddish brown hair, which will be more like the red color. This color goes with many skin tones. If you have a fair face color and your eyes are light, then you can freely choose auburn hair tone. Besides, one of its advantages is that it goes perfectly with other complexions as well. The rest is up to you, whether to look for bright or dark tones, depending on your skin tone.

Auburn Hair Dying Tips

Choosing your auburn hair based on skin tone

Personally, my skin tone is light, so I usually choose light auburn color for my hair. By the way, if you are more prone to a dark tone, be ready to have a pale complexion. So, you had better make a right choice.

The case is a bit easy for those who have a medium skin color, as they will look nice both with light and medium auburn hair tones.

Our advice to those ladies who have a dark skin color is to shift the attention from light shades and look for medium or darker auburn shades. By no means, your look will be fantastic.

Going from Blond to Auburn Hair Color

If you are already tired of your blond hair and strongly wish to have an auburn hair tone, remember that it will be a little difficult. It isn’t enough to have the right hue. You will have to dye constantly in order to get your desired hair color. You should bear in your mind that only bright reds can easily get an orange tone.
If you consider that you are really ready for changes, experiment this auburn hair color.

Auburn Hair Dying Tips

Going from Brunette to Auburn Hair Color

If you have dark hair, you will face difficulty in getting the auburn hair color. In this case you have to discolor the long locks of your hair to get your desired hair color. Don’t dye your hair at home, let the specialists help you to discolor it and you will be free of any risks.

Scarlett Johansson’s Auburn Hair Color

If your favorite hair tone is Scarlett Johansson’s auburn hair color, then you should ask your hairdresser for help. In order to have Scarlett Johansson’s look, you should look for a warm auburn brunette tone and a dark shade base.

After you get your desired hair tone, think about keeping it as long as possible. Here you are recommended to use special shampoos and some other hair products.

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Bleaching Hair At Home

Auburn Hair Dying Tips

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