Bangs/ Fringes for Round Faces

By on April 12, 2013

Bangs seem to be popular always! They sometimes make their trendy time, sometimes fade away a little, but they never become old-fashioned. When you decide to cut a bang there are things that you should be attentive about. For example, those who have round faces should make the bang coincide with their facial features. So here are the types of bangs/ fringes for round faces and tips to wear them!
There is a widespread but really senseless idea that bangs/ fringes are prohibited for round faces. That’s too silly! You should just know how to wear it in order to have light beautiful look instead of a heavy overdone one. Avoid heavy cuttings of bangs and you will have no problem with your round face! Let’s expose the types!

Bangs/ Fringes for Round Faces

Side-Swept Bangs for Round Faces

A very famous type of bangs is the side-swept one. It’s very easy to get, and easy to keep. It never makes your face even rounded, just the vise verse, it underlines the other side of your face and makes it more stretched. Many celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Kristine Dunst have used the side-swept bangs and be sure that they have the most knowledgeable hairstylists. It speaks about the fact that it depends on the ways you use it and with the right usage of bangs you will always have flattering look!

Angled Bangs for Round Faces

If you are fond of angled bangs and you have round face you just need to let your hair get longer or just get a fake longer hair look! When you have longer hair and they cover your shoulders your face is elongated and you can easily go for angled bangs! For example, Nicole Richie has an angled bang, which nearly covers her eyelashes, but it doesn’t look overdone as an angled bang, though being full, never gives a harsh look!

Wispy Bangs for Rounded Faces

If you didn’t like the previous options, you have this one; wispy bang! They are amazing as you can easily move it from your forehead to the other side, thus having side-swept effect! You just need to have it cut right, very light and wavy. This will prevent from having shortening effect of your hair and even rounded look of your face!

Bangs/ Fringes for Round Faces

Highlighted Bangs for Rounded Faces

From the traditional colors here you can make a very interesting trick, you can highlight your bang! There is no strict restriction about the colors so you are free to use your imagination. You can combine it with your eye color, or just make a contrast, which is very trendy this year. The highlighted color will divert the attention from chin and take the attention of your eye in a smooth way.
As you see, there is a great variety for you to cut bangs if you have a round face! Just follow them and don’t be afraid of changes!

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