Best Hair Colors for Fall

By on September 26, 2013

As the season changes you may need to update your look as well to make it corresponding. Of course if you are looking for a radical change, the best way is to change your hair color and this is one of the main reasons we here we present you the best hair colors for this fall!

Stylish ombre

Loving your super cute highlights? Well, why won’t you just make an update in order to refresh your look? Thus, keep your beloved ombre highlights and just refresh your look by adding lighter strands starting midway down to change your look successfully and rock one of the best hair color trends of this fall!

Best Hair Colors for Fall

Honey Blonde hair color trend

Blonde is a hair color that many fashionistas just adore which is why you should try it even if you are naturally dark-headed. How to make it reality? Leave the roots look a bit darker than the rest of your hair and stick with a fantastic honey hue blond. Now if you had the luck to be naturally blond then you can change your look by adding some low lights on in order to rock another trendy hair color!

Best Hair Colors for Fall


Just as we got used capturing our beloved celebs in bright reddish and pink colors they decided to surprise us by bringing a new hair color trend this fall, dark red. This rich, warm red will look just stunning especially when combined with cute outfits of colors of fall season.

Best Hair Colors for Fall

Dark chocolate

Another hair color trend that is so worth trying! Dark brown is very popular for matching with all types of skin moreover it looks amazing with all hair types and lengths! Now, no matter what hue you’ll stick with remember the “rule” of contrast. Thus, if your hair color is very dark brown or black add some caramel highlights for extra dimension while for medium brown we recommend going for two tones darker.  Stick with any of these super cute hair color trends for this fall season and create a look that will make you steal the spotlight this season.

Best Hair Colors for Fall

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