Brown Red Hair Color Ideas

By on September 5, 2013

There comes a time when nearly all of us need some changes, like hair coloring, as even we get bored from out looking, let alone about others! But, how to come to the decision to get changed? Yes, it gets not easy, as sometimes we are not sure about the result, we don’t want to get disappointed. To avoid that disappointment and to cut your doubts we will show you the best ways to try brown red hair colors, which are really stylish now! Well, let’s move on!

Brown Red Hair Colors for Ivory Skin Tone

You may have heard that skin tone is an essential aspect when you are choosing hair color, that’s true! So, if you are a brunette, you may just apply chesnut. If you have got a very light skin tone, then you need some light color to begin with and then you may worm it up with golden highlights. That would look gorgeous, but mind, that if you hair is red then the base should be applied in strawberry blond, but for blonds it must be just dirty blond. It does make a difference!

Brown Red Hair Color Ideas

Brown Red Hair Colors for Olive Skin Tone

Well, ladies if you have olive skin, many professionals advise to take medium shade of brown and add golden or caramel highlights. You may see many celebrities with this color mix and they really look stunning!

Brown Red Hair Color Ideas

Brown Red Hair Colors for Medium Skin Tone

Here you need to take a light blond color and mix with medium blonde for the base. When you add platinum highlights, which suit perfect this colors, the look will be truly admirable.

Brown Red Hair Color Ideas

Brown Red Hair Colors for Darker Skin Tone

Just look at Gabrielle Union’s perfect highlights, they are amazing yeah? The secret is that the base for this finial look is used brunette and for highlights balayage is applied! It seems to be an amazing combination that no ther mix of colors can beat!

 Now you know the key tips that make hair color look so rich and gorgeous! Just from the ideas listed above, take your one that matches your skin and try this brown red hair color for super-trendy changes!

Brown Red Hair Color Ideas

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