DIY Hair Masks Celebs Love

By on December 22, 2015

When it comes to hair care treatments and beauty tips generally, our beloved celebs can actually be perceived as the main experts in the field as they else harm their hair more than anyone else by frequently coloring and styling. Thus, if you happen to feel the need of a DIY hair mask that will help you to regain back the healthy condition of your hair then you are on the right way as here we present a DIY hair treatment that can do miracles which our beloved stars guarantee! So, follow reading below and get ready to change the quality of your hair into better!

Hair Masks Celebs Love

Ok, so the DIY hair mask presented below is a treatment recommended by celebrity stylist Mark Townsend and appears to be first tried by the precious twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Moreover, as Townsend adds in one of his interviews the hair mask was made specifically for the Olsen sisters in the first place but once the results were noticed, the DIY conditioner got more and more popular among the celebs.

Thus, the DIY hair mask offered by celebrity stylist Mark Townsend consists of the following:  almond oil, coconut oil, which by the way is very popular for its hair treatment benefits, jojoba oil and vitamin E. As the famous stylist adds this hair mask perfectly nourishes the hair while preventing it from drying.

Townsend suggests you to make the conditioner using the following proportions of each ingredient: one tablespoon of coconut oil and half tablespoon of the rest and advices leaving it on for an hour and repeating the process couple times a week for better results.

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