DIY Ombre Hair Tutorials

By on September 2, 2013

Ombre hairstyles really rock, there is no doubt! You may happen to see many girls having great ombre hair and just the vise versa, those who failed doing it. And all this variety of looks may make you doubtful about doing ombre hair and uncertain about the result, but we are here to show you awesome DIY ombre hair tutorials! The videos will help you to follow the steps and have a perfect result.

DIY Ombre Hair Tutorials

Sun Kissed Ombre Hair Tutorial

Don’t get complicated looking at the photos of sun kissed ombre hair, actually it’s not that difficult as it may seem. Ombre is very easy to do in your hair, but for the start you may try in your friend’s hair or someone’s that will trust you! After a single try, ombre hair will be extremely easy to get, just follow the instructions in video.

Honey Ombre Hair Tutorial
The look that you see doesn’t require unbelievable skills, for the look of DIY ombre hair you just need a tube of light blond dye and 30 minutes for the process! It’s so easy when you just watch first then start doing it. So right now watch the video, which will be a real help for you to create ombre hair at home!

Blonde Ombre Hair Tutorial
This is may be one of the easiest ombre hair variants to do at home. You just need to bleach your hair and follow the bleaching process! You may wash when you feel that it is enough bleached and that’s the blonde ombre hair that you want!

Bleacn & Dye Ombre Hair Tutorial
If you have dark hair and want to have them in ombre style you just need to bleach the ends and choose the color that you want to have in the end, a reddish tone may suit really good if you have hair-color like it is in the video. So, bleach and then apply the next color for ombre and here you even don’t need a brush! Just watch the video!

No Bleach Red Ombre Hair Tutorial
Those who have dark hair color have great variety to choose a color for ombre and make it really original. You may try red version like it is done in the video, so the process will become even easy, as you do one and the same ombre!

Ombre Hair Tutorial for Short Hair
Never think that if you have short hair you can’t do ombre! That’s not right! You may not find step-by-step process here as we don’t see the dying actions, but it is all explained in the nest video and if you watch it everything will be explained in detail. So, go on shorthaired girls!

DIY Ombre Hair for Short Hair
Short ombre hairstyle looks so amazing, as it has another fantastic look! This tutorial also shows how to dye ombre hair at home for short hair, but in details! As you see from the result in the video it looks really gorgeous!

Due to these tutorials, now you know everything about DIY ombre hair! Don’t hesitate and try one of these versions to be trendy and flattering!

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