Easy Messy Bun Tutorial

By on August 14, 2013

Messy bun is a trendy easy-to-do hairstyle that each young fashionista loves, as it takes no longer than a couple of minutes to do and perfectly completes a comfy look. Besides a messy bun keeps your neck free from the hair, which minimizes sweating chances.
Of course, in order to have this super cute hairstyle, you might need to know some more details that will help you to do so. So follow reading the easy messy bun tutorial presented below and find out some easy steps to put your hair up into messy bun.

Easy Messy Bun Tutorial

What you need:

• Hairspray
• Mousse
• Shine spray or leave-in conditioner
• Dry shampoo
• bobby pins, clips, and a comb
Step 1: So what you need to do first of all is to use a product that will add extra texture to your hair. Of course, if you have thick and naturally curly hair you may need to use a little bit more than normally.
Step 2: Next. pull your hair through a ponytail holder and leave the ends of your locks to stick out towards your face.
Step 3: Separate the endings that are sticking out of the elastic and pull them around your ponytail holder.
Step 4: Bring up the loop and use a pin to secure it in the way you want it to be. You can use a hairspray at this point for extra hold.
Step 5: At last tuck the ends in and whoala! You are ready to go! You can also let some of the endings hanging for better messy effect.

Easy Messy Bun Tutorial


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