Eyeliner Tips for Brown Eyes

By on September 11, 2013

Here we present the best eyeliner colors for brown eyes that will help you do the perfect makeup and create a stunning look!

Thus, if you have brown eyes applying the right makeup is a lot easier than for everyone else as there are plenty eyeliner colors that work the best on brown eyes. So, if you are thinking what eyeliner color to stick with just ask yourself what effect you want to have, dramatic or flirty?

Now, black, brown, blue, green and purple are some of the best eyeliner colors for brown eyes but that’s not all as if you want to go for warm hues then you should try bronze, taupe and golden while for an eye-catching, dramatic look we recommend you to stick with vibrant shades such as electric blue, turquoise, metallic purple etc.

Eyeliner Tips for Brown Eyes

How to Apply Eyeliner

If you’re not really good at applying liquid eyeliner on your eyes then start with pencil eyeliner to make it easier for you. Pull the outer corner of your eyelid and draw a straight line close to the lash line. If you want to draw a thick line just repeat this process couple times until you’ll get the desired results.

Now if you are about to apply mineral eyeliner then use an angled eyeliner brush to make it easier for you and apply the eyeliner on the lash line and always remember to start from the outer edge of your eyelid.

Now if you think that you don’t have enough skills to rock such makeup style then stick with a smudged look, which is easier to achieve and the results aren’t less impressive!

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