Fishtail Ponytail Tutorial

By on July 15, 2013

If you strongly wish to make an exclusive and ideal hairstyle, then this fishtail ponytail hairstyle will be a perfect variant for you. It’s very modern and stylish. Besides, it’s very easy to make.
If you are interested, read the following steps and learn how to get your desired hairstyle:

Fishtail Ponytail Tutorial

How to: Fishtail Plaited Ponytail

1. First make you hair humid with the help of your favorite mousse. Remember, that mousse should be applied from the roots of your hair to the ends. Take into account that mousse has a protective feature. So, it’s good for your hair as well.
2. Use a dryer to make your hair dry.
3. Now, it’s turn to make sections. Divide your hair into two parts so that to get a top and a bottom layer.
4. Apply hair gel to rough the top layer of your hair. It provides a tidy finish.
5. Make a ponytail by joining the two parts and adjust with a hair tie. To hide the hair tie, you will need some hair, so don’t forget to leave a piece of it free.
6. Apply a hairspray onto that piece of hair and wrap the hair tie. Adjust it with a bobby pin.
7. Now, let’s create the fishtail. Comb the ponytail and then separate it into two parts. Crisscross your hair. Take a little part of your hair from the right side and cross it. Make a beach cross from the right to the left parts (from top to under). Do the same thing on the left part. Go on doing this until you get a 10cm long fishtail and finally adjust it.
8. For a complete finish comb and spray the ponytail which has been left.

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