How to Chalk Hair

By on August 30, 2013

Not everyone is ready to change their hair color, but temporary color change seems a lot of fun. There are different options for getting this result. Among the most popular ones are hair mouse, temporary hair dyes and hair chalk. The first two options stay for a few shampoos, so if you want just to try out the color, it’s best to get the chalk. Especially, if you are going to a party and want to have neon colored hair just for a night, hair chalk is the ideal option for you. For this purpose chalks is the best choice among its competitors. But, how to chalk hair? Follow the hair chalk tips presented below!

How to Chalk Hair
So what will you need? Hair chalk, flat iron, water, protective gloves and towels. The choice of the hair chalk depends on the personal preferences. It should be less oily and that’s the only feature that counts. There are no significant differences between cheap and expensive options if you want a short lasting color transformation.
Preparing hair for chalking is simple. Just grab the water and wet it. The only exception refers to those having blonde hair. You should avoid making them wet, unless you are looking for a longer stay of the color.
The hair should be separated into section so that applying chalk will be easy. You can either apply the chalk to smaller sections or go for an ombre look, which is the trend of the season. It actually has all chances to last for a few seasons. The application of the chalk should be done vertically- from roots to the ends of hair. Plus, hair should be twisted in the process so that you will apply the chalk from all sides.

How to Chalk Hair
After application you should wait hair to dry. There’s also the possibility of blow-drying them, but if you use cheaper chalk the color will be blown away. When hair is dry you can use flat iron to get a better hold for the colored sections.
As soon as you’re tired of your colorful sections you can wash it off with a shampoo. The cheaper chalks will last no more than a single shampoo, but more expensive ones can take up to 6 shampoos. In case your don’t really like the result, you can apply dish soap to the sections, so that they will be immediately washed off.
And there are a few thing that you should remember trying this coloring option:
Chalked hair hates water, so don’t use it at beach or when it’s raining
Use chalk on clean hair, no styling product should be applied to hair, otherwise you run the risk that chalk will get easily removed
When going to bed use an extra old pillow, as sometimes the chalk gets stuck to the pillows. And don’t wear white or anything light with chalked hair
When choosing colored chalks for redheads and those with black hair make sure that the chalk looks fine with the background color. Brown looks just fine with all kind of colorful chalks. And once again, no water for the blondies.

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