How to Choose the Best Red Hair Color

By on September 3, 2013

Red hair color becomes more and more voguish, and to look so trendy you should first find out whether this color suits you or not! You may even have tried this color but because of wrongly chosen shade didn’t like it. It’s really possible; you just should find your best hue and admire the change! So here we are to help you to choose the best red hair color for radical changes!

How to Choose the Best Red Hair Color

Red Hair for Pinky Skin

If your skin is pinky it’s very easy for you to choose the shade, as just going for ruby, your will look perfect! At first it may seem that red and pink have nothing to do together, but that’s not right! Here, with skin and hair combination they crate gorgeous look!

Taking Care of Red Hair

Washing frequently, it means twice a week, your red hair will obtain radiant look, which will make it even natural. The artificial shine will reduce and hair will look like true red!

Another care tip is to use condition every week, to stay away from hair irons and don’t wash your hair with hot water.

Shampoo for Red Hair

Here shampoo also matters! Don’t go for harsh ones as they just make the process of color-fading even faster! As qualified shampoo you have as longer your red hair color will remain!

How to Choose the Best Red Hair Color

Protecting Red Hair Color

Always apply styling products that contain UV filter, they are a perfect alternative to covering your hair with some scarf or hat! They will surly protect hair from UV rays!

Dare to Try Red Hair

Be prepared, that when you go for red, many eyes come over you! Especially if those eyes have seen you before, because the change will do its work for sure!

So easy and useful tips in a small article yeah? Mind them, choose the best color, take care properly and your redhead will always be different and stunning!

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