How to Do Lauren Conrad’s Hairstyles

By on March 19, 2013

Everyone desires to do Lauren Conrad’s hairstyles. We want to have a fabulous look and from time to time to resemble her. Personally, I like many of her hairstyles. Her look is always changeable, so you have a great choice to do Lauren Conrad hairstyles.
While working with your hair, you should be conscious about some important tips in order not to damage your hair. If you follow these essential beauty tips, you will have healthy hair. If you are ready, read on!

How to Do Lauren Conrad’s Hairstyles

• Always have a protective product while drying, straightening or curling your hair. Each of us has her own preferable product. If you don’t follow this statement, your hair will be damaged for a long time. This surely occurs when you continuously use a dye.
• Pay attention to the quality of your tools. Remember that they damage your hair. While touching they make your hair break. Only ceramic types of iron are advisable to use.
• It’s quite obvious that you can’t do all the styles, only the simplest ones are possible. For everyday use it’s recommendable to have curly hair in order not to make it straight each time (surely if your natural hair is curly).

Twisted Pullback Tutorial

One of the easiest hairstyles is the twisted pullback one. In this case your hair may be a little wavy, but if it is very curly, you have to make it straight with a dryer. You just have to own a curling iron and a spray.
The technique of doing this hairstyle is very simple; just divide your hair into 2 parts, and part-by-part spray some hairspray, making it curly with the special tool. Then twist it back and clip. In this way you will get Lauren Conrad’s twisted pullback hairstyle.

How to Do Lauren Conrad’s Hairstyles

Straight Ponytail Tutorial

This is one of my favorite and daily hairstyles. It is a hairstyle in which the hair is drawn back and tied at the back of the head, causing it to hang down like a pony’s tail. It’s quite easy to get. First straighten it with your dryer or flat iron and then brush it, making a ponytail.

How to Do Lauren Conrad’s Hairstyles

Pin-Straight Hairstyle Tutorial

The most essential thing to get this hairstyle is to make it absolutely pin-straight, using a dryer, a flat iron and a hairspray. The latter one is not obligatory if your hair is naturally straight, or stays straight until the next washing. The case is different when your hair gets wavy very easily. Here I recommend using a hairspray which doesn’t include water. Your look will be simple but astonishing.

How to Do Lauren Conrad’s Hairstyles

Wavy with Side-Bangs Tutorial

Good news for those girls who have wavy hair. For this hairstyle they don’t have much to do. Just air-dry it. But if your hair is curly, first straighten it with a dryer, then curl section by section, spraying each part beforehand. Then make the ends go out and stay behind your hair. Here a hairspray comes to help you.
So, you are already familiar with Lauren Conrad’s hairstyles. You can choose any of them and do it at home with very simple tools.

How to Do Lauren Conrad’s Hairstyles

Image courtesy of Lauren Conrad

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