How to Make Fat Faces Slimmer Thanks to Hairstyles

By on February 22, 2013

If you have rounder and fatter face and want to make yourself look visually slimmer then you should find the right hairstyle for you. One of the first things you should know is that the right haircut can do wonders for you. There is no need to go for extremes, just remember that super straight haircut and curly hair emphasize the roundness of the face.

Tips of Slimmer Looking Hairstyles

Angled Bangs

If you are a lover of bangs then you do not have many options to choose in the case when you have a round face. You may have already noticed that angled bangs do not create a straight line across on your forehead; thus the part of your forehead is open, so this can be a better solution for those who want to have bangs and do not want to emphasize their plump face due to it. For fat faces, side-swept bangs are good decision.


Long Layers

You surely know that medium and long hairstyles make your face look slimmer. So when going to beauty saloon, you can just ask to make layers on your hair. The effect of slimmer look will be noticed at once. Layers are perfect for a bit wavy hair as they look more natural. Notice that quite straight hair cannot make your face look slimmer, even in the case you have layers, so try to keep your hairs wavy with the help of muss or special gel for hair.

long layers

Long Bob

When doing the right bob, it can be the perfect solution for making the fat faces look slimmer. Longer or asymmetrical bobs will provide the effect of visual slimming at once.


Long Shag

Another way of making your face look slimmer is to have long messy shag hairstyle. By the way, you can also cut layers on your hair as they add a volume effect and you will have a more stylish look.

long shag

Must Not Cut Hairstyles for Fat Faces

If you are fond of pixie cut hairstyles and you have plump face – FORGET about it. It will not suit your face, in some cases it may look nice or round faces, but not on plump faces. So before deciding to do that think a lot.

pixie cut

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