How to Make Pedicure Last Longer

By on March 18, 2013

During summer time, when we cannot hide our toes, a problem comes out! How to make the pedicure last longer? It’s a question that every girl wants to get the answer to! We know how to make the pedicure last longer and are ready to share the secret with you! So go on reading the key beauty tips for making your pedicure last longer!

How to Make Pedicure Last Longer
• First, before applying the main coat, clean your toes by an alcohol-based formula! When your toes are free from oils the basic coat will last longer for sure!
• Try to be faithful to the polishing products that you use! It is proved that usage of the same qualified product of a specific brad for some time make truly a good effect!
• Apply a moisturizer as soon as you get out of shower! Apply it also after the end of the pedicure! The cream nourishes you skin and nails and makes the look very accurate and cute!
• Reapply the protecting topcoat about a week after the pedicure! Keep it doing for a week and enjoy your polished toe-nails longer!
• It would be better to avoid wearing socks or closed-toes shoes at least 8 hours after the pedicure!
As you see just a few easy beauty steps reveal the question how to make the pedicure last longer! So, put them into practice and enjoy the perfect result!

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How to Make Pedicure Last Longer

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