How to Wear Green Lipstick

By on December 22, 2015

It is a bold and daring step to wear a green lipstick. Not every women dare to pull it off. However, those, who are fond of this shade, should be well aware of the best ways of wearing green lipstick, as there are special rules worth following.

Green lipstick is from the collection of Dolce & Gabbana, which also suggests such bold shades as red, purple or golden.  You should note that women, wearing green lipstick, should have certain imprudence.

How to Wear Green Lipstick

The great makeup stylist Pat McGrath helps you to know how to wear green lipstick in order to create your fantastic and feminine look. Consider that Pat McGrath doesn’t recommend wearing this shade at night. She advises you to try it during the day for an incredible appearance. Pulling off this lipstick shade, your striking look will be achieved.

Pat McGrath recommends pairing the green lipstick with a special makeup. You had better go for a makeup in a gold shade to intensify your lipstick color. Start with the application of foundation. Here you are advised to opt for a matte finish. As for your cheeks, you should use a blush in a nude tone. Do not forget about the illuminator.

For a more feminine look, highlight your eyes, while wearing a green lipstick. Apply effulgent gold tones on your eyelids and on the external part of your eye to get a shiny look. For a natural look, you are advised not to go for darker tones. She also suggests using eyeliner in a gold hue and dark mascara to highlight your beautiful eyes.

In the end, you may apply your green lipstick with a little gloss for an eye-catching and stunning look. Your total look will be tempting and fashionable, if you really follow the right ways of wearing green lipstick.

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