Makeup Tips and Tricks for African American Skin

By on May 29, 2013

Do you want to try several makeup tips proper to African American skins? Perhaps, you consider that there is no special makeup. We will advise you to read on the following makeup tips and tricks for African American skin colors and make your conclusion.

Makeup Tips and Tricks for African American Skin

1. Mix it up

Don’t be scared to blend foundation hues. If you have dark skin, don’t apply light hues, a foundation in yellow shade will be perfect for you. But if you have difficulty in choosing the right tone, you may blend different shades and again have a perfect look.

2. Be bold

One of the most important things for African American skins is that you may apply vigorous colors, such as orange or gold. It will surely highlight your fantastic skin color.

3. Lip service

For African American skin colors it’s recommendable to apply such lipstick shades as peach, deep red or purple. As for a lip liner, it should be close to your lip tone. Its color shouldn’t differ much from your lipstick tone.

4. Bronze Goddess

Applying bronzer is the most essential makeup tips for African American skin tones. You may apply it on any skin colors. It will accentuate your face tone. If you are for a shimmering look, then apply the bronzer onto your nose, cheeks or chin.

5. Go bright

There is a wrong believe that those women who have a dark skin shouldn’t use light makeup. It’s completely wrong. Light makeup is just for them, as it will highlight their unique beauty.

Makeup Tips and Tricks for African American Skin

6. Make me blush

Look for a blush shade which perfectly goes with your skin tone. Blush highlights your cheeks and makes your face look thinner. If you have lighter face color, then look for peaches, in case of medium face color, apply medium rosy, and as for deeper face tone, use light red or deep pink.

Makeup Tips and Tricks for African American Skin

7. Protect your skin

One of the essential things that African American women follow is taking care of their skin. Choose a high-quality sunscreen, as it will fight against sun and aging. Look for the best sunscreen for your face and apply it.

8. Flaunt your eyes

As for your eye makeup, you may experiment a cat eye makeup, a smoky eye or just a natural makeup. You may apply blue, purple, or metallic shades on your eye shadows. You may also try brown or black eyeliner, as it will perfectly go with all skin tones.

Thus, you already know the main beauty tips for African American skin tones. Don’t be afraid and experiment.

Makeup Tips and Tricks for African American Skin

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