Mila Kunis Best Hairstyles

By on October 3, 2013

Mila Kunis is a young, beautiful actress that always manages to attract our attention with her fine, feminine looks. As you may have noticed already Mila Kunis prefers simple styles with sophistication that perfectly express her sensuality. Now, take a glance at the list of Mila Kunis’s best hairstyles and create stunning looks inspired by your favorite actress!

Mila Kunis Center Parted Long Hair

A hairstyle, perfect for silky hair with volume just as Mila Kunis’s, long parted from the center hairstyle is simple way to create a flawless look.

Mila Kunis Best Hairstyles

Mila Kunis Long and Curly Hair

Our beloved celeb has been spotted rocking this style and seems simply loving it! This is another simple hairstyle that will add a soft, romantic touch to the whole look.

Mila Kunis Long and Wavy Hair

Mila Kunis is an actress that really knows how to pull off this style! Deep side part and long, slightly wavy tresses will make you steal the spotlight just as our beloved actress does each time with her appearance.

Mila Kunis Best Hairstyles

Mila Kunis Ponytail

A style that not only fans of Mila Kunis still remember is a voluminous ponytail which the young actress rocked at the AFI fest.

Mila Kunis Ombre Hair

This gorgeous ombre style was the best way to emphasize Mila Kunis’s beautiful, green eyes.

Mila Kunis Best Hairstyles

Mila Kunis Volumized Bun

This stunning hairstyle perfectly emphasizes Mila Kunis’s strong facial features and adds sophistication to her look.

Mila Kunis Faux Bob Hairstyle

A trendy hairstyle that you should definitely try, stick with a cute faux bob that will perfectly enrich your look and make you stand out of the crowd!

Mila Kunis Best Hairstyles

Mila Kunis Messy Hair

Another cute hairstyle that Mila seems to love, beachy messy style not only is very easy to achieve but also will help you to add extra volume to your hair and create a stunning look!

Mila Kunis Long Braided Hairstyle

A great option to add a boho touch to your look:  a long braided side ponytail, what can look better than this stunning hairstyle inspired by our favorite actress?

Mila Kunis Best Hairstyles

Mila Kunis Ringlets

Ringlets work the best to add volume and create a rich, textured look.

Mila Kunis Formal Updos

Long side swept bangs and stunning updos flatter Mila’s face the best while perfectly show off her femininity and soften the whole style.

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