Miranda Kerr’s Hair Color

By on May 10, 2013

Miranda Kerr is an admiration for thousands of girls. It’s very normal when celebrities’ tastes and preferences become trends. Miranda Kerr is a model, who is loved by girls and women and many of them want the looks that Miranda has! To special admiration is Miranda Kerr’s hair. Always beautiful, cared and proper to the whole look! Besides being well-cared, her hair always looks very natural, even if it is colored! She or maybe her hairstylists have found the keys that make Mirada adorable in all styles! Miranda’s hairstyles and colors really vary and we will introduce some of them and will give advice for your personal use!

Miranda Kerr's Hair Color

Mocha Shades and Almond Streaks

This hair color is very popular now; it’s like ombre hair but has a little difference. If in ombre hair you highlight only the ends here you should highlight also mid-lengths. Miranda has dark brown at the roots and it goes lighter in the mid-lengths and ends. If you have brown hair in born, it’s really fine, there is no need to dye all your hair you can just add the lighter coloring and have this result. Anyway, if you have to dye all your hair you can use Clairol Natural Instincts Toasted Almond, the Light Golden Brown color. If you are far from hairdressing you will surly need a hairstylist as it’s not easy to make highlights. Everything should be done professionally to have the look you want!

Chocolate Shades and Caramel Streaks

Another way to dye your hair like Miranda is similar to the previous but the tones are different. Here the highlights are more visible as they are caramel and the rest of hair is chocolate. This combination is very soft, warm and makes you look very girly! A very important fact should be taken into account here; all the colors that you use should be the tones of the same color. You can tone down as much as you want but the tones must be coherent for such result. And remember, the light endings will always make your basic color more dominant.
Miranda Kerr’s gorgeous hair color secrets are revealed! Get inspired from her looks and make your hair look as flattering, as natural and as original like Miranda’s is!

Miranda Kerr's Hair Color

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