Most Helpful Tips for Picking the Best Hair Color for You

By on December 16, 2015

If you decided to go for a complete change and dyed your hair, you had better take into account the most helpful tips while picking the best hair color for you. It will be a great disaster if the final result doesn’t satisfy you and makes you get disappointed. So, you are advised to have a look at these helpful tips carefully and then choose the best suiting hair color for you.

Most Helpful Tips for Picking the Best Hair Color for You

1.    Take into Account Your Skin Tone

This tip is very essential, as your total look depends on it. Take into account your skin tone while dying your hair. Your hair color should definitely go with your skin undertone. Though having red hair is very trendy and attractive, you should avoid wearing it, in case it makes your skin pale and dead. You may opt for a dark brown shade if it goes perfectly with your skin tone. Thus, you may choose any of the stylish shades (black, blonde or red) only after paying attention to your skin tone.

2.    Consider Your Personality

It’s true that your hair tone will reflect your personality. It will reveal either your bold or stuffy character. For instance, if you wear blonde or red hair colors you will show your intrepid and brave character, ready for experiments. Black or brown shades will highlight your timid character. If you pull off these shades, it means that you don’t like to be paid much attention to. In this case you may also try blonde highlights. So, you may experiment with any hair color and look gorgeous, only take into account this essential tip.

3.     Makeup Also Matters

You are advised to avoid wearing red hair color, if you are fond of peachy blush, rosy lipstick and pink eyeshadows. You shouldn’t also dye your hair red, if you are used to apply such makeup tones as black or silver. So, you should make your hair color go with your makeup in order to create a divine look.

4.    The Maintenance Factor

Maintenance is one of the essential tips that you should take into account while opting for any hair color. Consider that if you decide to wear too light or too dark shade for your hair, you will have to take care of your hair to maintain its color. If you can’t spend much money on it, then you should choose a tone darker or lighter. In this case, it will be much easier for you to keep your hair color.

5.    Keep Your Hair in the Right Shape

Consider that you are not recommended dying your dry hair. First, you should get rid of your dry hair. The sunrays or the frequent use of a flat iron or a blow-dryer may cause damage to your hair. If you dye your hair very often, you are more likely to have dry hair. Thus, you should treat your hair before dying it. You had better apply moisturizing products or just cut your hair a little.

Most Helpful Tips for Picking the Best Hair Color for You

6.    Never Rinse Your Hair Just Before Dying

You are strongly recommended following this tip, as it’s very essential while dying your hair. You should wash your hair beforehand. It will not damage your hair. Moreover, it will recover the oil and moisturize your hair. Then, you should pick the best hair color for you and change your appearance completely.

7.    Hot Oil Treatment

You should take into account that your dry hair needs a hot oil treatment. This tip is very essential if you prepare to dye your hair. You had better carry out this treatment several days before. This tip will greatly help you to have an even tone after the dying process.

8.    Opt for Virtual Photos

You should know that there are several methods you can use before the dying process. It will prevent you from the great disappointment. You may go for virtual photos and check whether this or that color will suit you or not. This helpful tip is ideal, as it will provide you with a stunning hair shade. Besides, you will not have to regret your choice later.

9.    Consider Your Emotions

You may desire to dye your hair, depending on your feelings. It may be when you are in a good mood or when you are sad. You may also wish to look stylish and chic. However, you may achieve the great result in case your feelings are steadfast and will not change. Thus, you should take into account your feelings before going for the dying process. You should not regret it in a few days. However, if you desire a transformation, you may change the color of your nails or buy new outfits. The glossy lipstick will also change your look.

Thus, take into account the most helpful tips while picking the best hair color for you. Your stunning and eye-catching look will be guaranteed.

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