Ombre Hair Highlights: Jessica Biel’s Ombre Hair Tips

By on June 24, 2013

The ombre hair highlights are always in fashion. It seems like it has never given way. Even the celebrities adore ombre hair highlights. Jessica Biel looked great in her new hairstyle. If you want to experiment it, first of all learn about it as much as possible. You may apply either one or more highlighting color shades. You may make your roots darker than your tips.

Ombre Hair Highlights: Jessica Biel's Ombre Hair Tips

Jessica Biel’s Ombre Highlights

There are many celebrities who like this hairstyle, but let’s speak about Jessica Biel’s ombre highlights. She made her roots darker, and then used lighter hues on the middle part of her hair. The ends are made even lighter.

Nicki Minaj also rocked ombre hair highlights to get a gorgeous look. She mixed different color shades and looked even more attractive.
You may style your new hairstyle either with a fringe or without it.

Ombre Hair Highlights: Jessica Biel's Ombre Hair Tips

Ombre Highlights Pros

Ombre hair highlights may be styled on anyone, as it will perfectly go with any skin color. The most important thing here is to make a right color choice.

Ombre Highlights Cons

Ombre highlights will look great if you have wavy or layered hair. While in case of straight hair it is not recommended, as your hair will be without any texture and will look flat.
As it’s necessary to bleach at least the ends, you should consider that it may cause damage to your hair quality.

Thus, if you want to have a new and stylish look, be brave and experiment ombre hair highlights.

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