Ombre Nail Trend and Tutorial

By on April 3, 2013

One of the hottest trends of spring 2013 is ombre nails! Shine with your appearance thanks to this new gradient style! This style is easy to achieve and can even be done at home! Check out some tips and get ready to rock the ombre trend this spring!

Basics for Ombre Nails

First of all make sure you have at least two or even more shades to work with. You can pick bright shades for “calmer” looks or go for vibrant hues if you like taking the risk and attracting the attention! No matter how long it takes make sure to pick the right colors because a lot depends on that.

Ombre Nail Trend and Tutorial

Ombre Nails Techniques

There are two different ways to get your nails done.

1) Use a makeup sponge to apply the picked shades on and gently dab on your nail from the tip towards the base. This method is less messy also easy to get done, all you need is a bit practice.
2) Use a toothpick to mix the colors in a surface. The next thing you need to do is to dab the sponge in the mixed colors and move slightly up and down to apply it to your nail. For more satisfying results let each coat dry and repeat the process.
At last reach perfection by using a top coat. Be careful to use topcoat a bit later so that you won’t cause any stain. Don’t forget to make corrections by using a q-tip dipped in polish remover.

Ombre Nail Trend and Tutorial

Ombre Nails Inspiration

Play with colors, take the risk and use light shades with more solid colors. You can create ombre nail effect vertically or horizontally. Try to get the best results and shine in a creative colorful look!

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