Perfect Pixie Haircut for Your Face Shape

By on September 1, 2013

One should be courageous enough to style a pixie haircut. There are girls and women who avoid chopping their hair, as they have doubts whether it will suit them or not. It’s true that before rocking perfect pixie haircuts you should consider several important factors, such as hair type or face shape. Below we present some perfect pixie haircuts for your face shape. Be more attentive and you will surely find the best one for you.

Perfect Pixie Haircut for Your Face Shape

Here are also several essential tips worth mentioning:

 Be very careful while going to a hairdresser. Look for the best one, as great think depends on her/him. Cropped hairstyles are not very easy to create especially if your hair is wavy or curly. It will surely take your stylist much effort. On the contrary, it’s quite easy to work with straight hair. It will not be difficult to create a prefect pixie with your sleek hair.

Perfect Pixie Haircut for Your Face Shape

You should have a strong personality and character to style a pixie cut. You should be self-confident in your cropped hairstyle in order to highlight its total beauty. As if, the pixie hairstyle symbolizes freedom and strength. One of the essential things while rocking a pixie cut is taking into account your face shape.

Perfect Pixie Haircut for Your Face Shape

While having your hair cut consider your face shape, as only in this case you will be able to decide the exact length of your hair. The pixie haircut will perfectly go with both oval and square faces. Those who have a heart-shaped face should go for a short pixie, as well. It will highlight your eyes and shift the attention from your long jaw. To hide your wide forehead you may wear a side fringe. In case your face shape is round, rock a long pixie cut. Make the top of your hair a little longer and it will make your face look longer. Women with square faces should opt for nice layers to make the severe look a little softer.

In order not to regret later, the pixie test is recommended. Style a ponytail and decide whether it will go with your face shape or not. Pixie haircuts will mostly look great if you have small features.

Thus, don’t be afraid of changes. Only take into consideration your face shape and your pixie haircut will be fantastic.

Perfect Pixie Haircut for Your Face Shape

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