Perfect Summer Skin Care Tips

By on August 25, 2013

All summer time we face the problem of dry and flaky skin. Summer is very short and we need concrete skin care tips to enjoy it fully! So go on reading perfect summer skin care tips and don’t let this small problem hinder your big summer!

1. Skip Sunrays
Beach is a perfect way to relax in hot summer times, but the hit and sunrays in the beaches may work against you and worsen the state of your skin. The easiest way to protect your skin is to have an umbrella at the shore and wear floppy hats when enjoying the sun-kiss!

Perfect Summer Skin Care Tips

2. Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation of your body should be a part of your care routine always, but when summer comes it must become a vital care for your skin if you want it to be perfect! So exfoliate it with loofah when you are having a shower. This will help you to keep your skin hydrated and without flakes!

3. Let your skin breathe
If you use foundation everyday your skin needs a day off, so choose some day in a week when you will wear only lipstick or may also a bit of mascara! Be sure that these free-makeup days will relieve your skin and that will be obvious!

During hot days, especially if you are planning to go to beach, your skin needs extra protection. So, you should choose a faster way which may be slathering on sunscreen in the morning! It will not take much time but will do great job!

5. Good products
Your skin has got natural moisture and if you choose right products it will only work for your skin! The thing is that you should be attentive to buy skin products that contain shea butter and other moisturizers.

Simple and easy ways to make your skin look faultless all summer time and even after it! These perfect summer skin care tips will help you to cope with this problem with ease!

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