Preparing Nails for Polishing

By on February 11, 2013

It’s quite hard to get good looking polished nails if you do not have healthy nails as a basis. For the healthy nails one should try to eat enough of minerals, vitamins and try to avoid using chemicals including washing liquids without wearing gloves.

Anyway if this is not the issue with you, then you just need to prepare you nails for being polished. First you need to clip, file and shape your nails. After this procedure you need to remove the dust from your nails. To do so you need to either wash them with warm water or try to clean them with a napkin.

The next step is all about removing the cuticles around the nails. This should be done with a very attentive manner. If you try to get too much of it, you will fall into risk of getting blood and thus have some sort of infections. To avoid this one should use special cuticle cutters or special small size scissors, which will allow to cut close to the skin. Instead of cutting you can also give it a try to put the cuticles away from nail bed.  This will allow to have a long-lasting ideal polished nails.

After the mentioned procedures it’s advised to remove the excess of oil from nails, which usually prevents nails from keeping the polish longer. It will be great if you also take care of the sides. This can be done with the help of  smooth filer, which doesn’t need to be used too roughly.


Some believe that there should be a special basic coat on the nails, before applying the main color, but this is not actually great as it might influence the main color and will lead to its shorter life. When putting the nail polish do not shake the bottle. This causes creation of bubbles, which affect on having air bubbles on your nails. It’s better to warm the nail polish in your hands.

Be careful with the amount of nail polish: it doesn’t have to be too little or too much. And finally be patient when waiting for the first layer to dry before applying the second layer.

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