Shocking Bad Skin Habits

By on April 1, 2013

When it comes to beauty, the first and most important thing that you have to take care of is your skin, because your shiny appearance depends a lot from you healthy looking skin! But there are some bad skin habits that may cause extra damage and be harmful, on the other side there are some stereotypes that you need to break.

Face Oils

You may be surprised but you can actually decrease you skin’s oil production by applying oil on your face. Also many dermatologists claim that face oils can improve acne issues, because they appear to be great anti-bacterial products.

Dairy Food

It is a sad truth that a glass of milk everyday can actually be harmful. This conclusion is based on the fact that cow’s milk (even organic) contains hormones that have androgenic effects and may cause acne in women. So bad news for milk lovers, you have to limit your favorite drink.

Shocking Bad Skin Habits


Once we deal with rushes and bug bite we immediately use cortisone. What we don’t know about is that using Cortaid or cortisone-10 can bring you to the point that your skin get used to it and will definitely react if you stop using it.

Makeup Brushes

A common mistake is not letting our makeup brushes breathe after washing them that may cause rare skin infection.

Recreational Drugs

What you need to know about these drugs is that in the result of the use you can find crusty, purplish parts of dead skin on your body that can easily get infected.

Doctor’s Approval

You have to be really careful when it comes to taking supplements and make sure to have your dermatologist’s approval.

Wrong Use of Water

To retain needed quantity of water it is recommended to not drink but eat water. You can do this by eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

Refills of Pills

Before you refill prescription pills it is required to visit again your doctor to secure yourself from overdose that can be really harmful.

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