Side Braided Bun Tutorial

By on March 22, 2013

What’s so cool about a side braided bun is that it’s easy to do (it only takes a couple of minutes to get done) and looks so elegant! You can use this style for a casual or even formal look! For those who think that their hair is not long enough for such hairstyle, good news, this style can be done with long or short hair. Look through the tips below on how to do a side braided bun!

Side Braided Bun Tutorial

What you may need:

• hairspray
• a hair-tie
• about 6 bobby pins

Step 1: First thing you may have to do is separate the bang section of your hair, wrap it and pin for later. Pull a small section from both sides between pined up section and wrap them around the top for later.
Step 2: Make a messy bun above your neck. Make sure to twist your hair-tie once and make a bun. What you do next is wrap your hair-tie around the whole bun. It is recommended to secure your hair with pins at this point.
Step 3: Here is the most important part! Pull down the two side sections and braid them but try to not make them too tight so you will be able to “use” them later. Pull them back and over your bun and pin. Do the exact same with your bang section. Now, use some hairspray and be ready to enjoy compliments!
As you see the side braided bun tutorial is too easy not to try at least once! Take your tools and hands and experiment!

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