Stylish Ways of Wearing Glitter Eye Makeup

By on September 14, 2013

Spring/summer 2014 makeup trends offer a new style of eye makeup. Glitter eye makeup is considered the trend of 2014. Your eyes will look outstanding if you get acquainted with the following stylish ways of wearing glitter eye makeup.
The famous makeup stylist Diane Kendal recommends the best tips and tricks of wearing glitter eye makeup.

• Create a boundary for the glitter eye makeup

Kendal recommends applying a brown eyeshadow to create a limit for the glitter. Avoid spreading glitter on your browbone and eye angles, as it will provide you a bold look.

Stylish Ways of Wearing Glitter Eye Makeup

• Reduce glitter spreading

One of the easiest ways of wearing glitter is applying tissue under your eyes in order not to have sparkles on your face. You may also apply water and then glitter on your brush. It will lessen the risk of glitter falling on your face.

• Don’t highlight your lips and cheeks

Kendal advises to keep your lips and cheeks nude. Don’t apply glittering lipsticks or blushes. Instead, go for nude tones. The glitter eye makeup will highlight your total look. Opt for this stylish way of wearing glitter eye makeup.

• Gel or Vaseline

To make the glitter stay in place you should spread gel or vaseline on your eye lids. Use this easy way and everybody will admire your stylish glitter eye makeup.

• Glitter pencil

If you avoid pulling off a glitter eye shadow on your lids, go for glitter pencils. Line the upper or lower part of your lashes with a glitter pencil and you will have a softer look.
These glitter eye makeup tips will provide you a glamorous look. You just need to apply it in the right way and in the right amount. Your stylish and chic look will fascinate everybody.
It’s very essential to have highlighted eyes, that’s why you should follow the mentioned above stylish ways of wearing glitter eye makeup.

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