Stylish Winter Hair Color Trends 2013

By on December 18, 2015

You may wear dark brown or divine blonde hair and look gorgeous. However, you should consider that each season offers its trendy hair color. Here are stylish winter hair color trends 2013 you may get inspired by.

Sandy Blonde Hair Color Trend

Blonde-haired women are offered to go for sandy blonde to look stylish in winter. You may highlight your beautiful look adding darker hue to the base. You will be provided with a gorgeous and trendy look.

This color will be ideal for fair-skinned and green or blue-eyed women. Besides, you should take care of your hair, applying conditioner, which will hydrate your locks and make them healthy.

You may also make your dyed tresses brighter, using a special shampoo, filled with a violet color.

Stylish Winter Hair Color Trends 2013

Auburn Brown Hair Color Trend

Auburn brown is a splendid choice for those women who want to change their hair color and experiment with a darker shade. You may get inspired by Rachel McAdams’ auburn brown hair color. In case of a pale skin, you may wear this splendid hair color and look stunning. This tone will be fabulous to create the 40s style. Your look will be thrilling in winter.

Stylish Winter Hair Color Trends 2013

Cinnamon Hair Color Trend

Cinnamon shade is great for brunettes. This warm hair tone will be fantastic in winter. You may pair cinnamon hair color with your blue or light brown eyes. It will look ideal on your curly hair and with stylish hair bands.

Stylish Winter Hair Color Trends 2013

Ruby Red Hair Color Trend

This shade is one of the winter 2013 trends. It is recommended especially for those women who have a bold character. Wear this rich tone and enjoy your romantic winter evening with your friend.

Ruby red hair color is full of energy and it will provide you with a stunning look. This tone will be splendid in case of a fair skin. Your light eyes will look great with the ruby red hair tone. For a gorgeous look, make your hair long and wavy. Don’t forget about the conditioner to get shiny and healthy hair.

Stylish Winter Hair Color Trends 2013

Mahogany Craze Hair Color Trend

In case you desire to rock blonde hair tone together with brown shade, then you had better go for a mahogany hair tone. If you have brown eyes, then this alluring hair tone will be ideal for you.

Create your gorgeous look in winter, experimenting with the best hair color trends 2013. Get a mysterious and celestial look for this season.

Stylish Winter Hair Color Trends 2013


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