Tips for Making Arm Hair Less Visible

By on June 19, 2013

Making arm hair less visible or removing it completely is one of the essential problems that we may face. Let’s learn the following important tips, which will help you forget about this problem forever. There are quite different ways to get rid of arm hair, but now we bring the most useful beauty tips.

Tips for Making Arm Hair Less Visible

 How to make arm hair lighter

Whitening arm hair is one of the most recommendable ways to make it less visible. Here you should use special products, such as juice of lemon, pulp of papaya and colorless peroxide.

If you don’t like this homemade method of bleaching, then you may use bleach creams. It can be applied both on your arms and legs. Besides, such creams are mostly rich in baking soda and aloe vera. The latter will make your skin softer.

Tips for Making Arm Hair Less Visible

 How to make arm hair thinner

If you want to make your arm hair thinner, then you should remove it. In this case you are advised to use a depilatory cream, which will help you to have thinner hair.

You may also use special creams after depilation, which will make your hair grow slower. To achieve the desired result, use it for several days.

How to remove arm hair naturally

Almost each girl removes her arm hair by waxing or sugar waxing. The latter causes less pain and you can prepare it at home by yourself.

How to make this sugar mixture? Mix sugar (2 cups) water (1/4 cup) and squeezed lemon juice (1/4 cup). Put this blend on the stove. It should be heated to 120 C.

Let it become cooler and apply it on your arms. Put the cotton strips on the mixture, and then remove by pulling them up.

 Thus, use any of these natural and save methods of hair lightening or hair removing, which will make your hair less visible or completely invisible. 

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