Tips to Natural Sunless Tan

By on August 28, 2013

Getting too much of sunlight is rather dangerous for your health. Still lots of young ladies consider it to be the best options for getting tanned skin. Spending hours under the direct sunlight does not only affect in aging, but also raises the chances of getting ultraviolet lights and receiving skin cancer. Luckily there are various options of getting tanned in indoor condition, treating the skin. This is not about just using self-tanners but instead thoroughly preparing the skin for the tan and getting amazing results. Check out easy tips to natural sunless tan!

Tips to Natural Sunless Tan

Before starting the homemade tanning you need to shave your legs. Not to cause any kind of irritations it’s good to do it a day before the process. If you do it immediately the skin will get red and in some cases allergy can be caused as a side effect. And this is what usually happens with the sensitive type of the skin.

Another important step before getting into the process of tanning will be exfoliating skin. When exfoliated the skin is getting better tanned and the tan usually looks more even. Since dry skin is even more sensitive about getting tanned, it will be useful to moisturize the skin after exfoliation with that skin type. But keep in mind that the moisturizer should not have oily components as oil omits the skin tanning.

The self-tanning can be achieved using different products, such as sprays, creams and mousse. The last two are easier in use. You should first start with the feet, as they do get tanned worse than the rest of the body parts. After applying the cream, you can go to the rest of the body. The layers of the cream should be equal for the best result, otherwise, you will get a colorful skin instead of an even color.

Tips to Natural Sunless Tan

Aerosol is much trickier in use. It’s really hard to get it evenly applied to the skin, so you might try to get somebody to do it for you. Spraying should be started from the back part if you do it yourself and then only to the front part.

You can apply a few layers of cream or bronzer in the areas which will also get some sun. This way the self-tanning will be even more naturalized. This is especially true about legs and the shoulders. As for face you can also additional products to make the impression even more appealing. You can apply bronzer brush to your nose and cheekbones.

When tanning do not forget to wear gloves, as the hands will get unusual get orange color, which is the most typical sign for the self-tanning.

After waiting for a few hours (no less than three to four hours) you can fix the places which didn’t get well tanned. You can remove the over-applied parts with the washcloth dumped into a lotion. As for the lighter spots you can always use cotton pad and gently add some amount of tanning lotion to those parts. If the spots are just a few you can also add bronzer there.

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