Sally Hansen Textured Nail Polishes 2013

By on July 11, 2013

Sally Hansen textured nail polishes are the trend of 2013. Matte shades are not trendy this year. If you are tired of being unnoticed, then you had better look for textured nail polishes. You will be provided with a great number of polishes, so you can easily make your choice among them and have an outstanding look.

Sally Hansen Textured Nail Polishes 2013

Sally Hansen textured nail polishes appear in 8 color shades. If you want to change your nail color into one of these textured polishes, then go for the following fantastic tones: Wool Lite, All Yarned Up, Tight Knit, Fuzz-Sea, Fuzzy-Fantasy, Wool Knot and Tweedy. Finally you should apply 2-3 coats and the result will be great. You will be able to enjoy your nails in a few minutes, as these nail polishes dry very quickly.

Sally Hansen Textured Nail Polishes 2013

However, if you consider that fuzzy textures are not created for you, then you may try Sally Hansen Sugar textured polishes. While applying these sugar textured polishes, it will seem like your nails are soaked in sugar. Here you are offered the following polishes: Bubble Plum, Sugar Fix, Cherry Drop, Sweetie, Razzleberry, Sour Apple, Cotton Candies and Lick-O-Rich. You may make your choice among them. In this case you are advised to use two coats.

If you made up your mind to try Sally Hansen textured nail polishes, then you may look for them just now, as they are already available.

Sally Hansen Textured Nail Polishes 2013

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