Simple Ways to Complement Your Outfit with Makeup

By on December 22, 2015

 One of the reasons why women wear makeup is to enhance their looks. A little bit of lipstick can make your every day outfit glow, while some eye shadow can give you that dramatic look you need for a special occasion. When applied correctly, makeup can also bring out the natural beauty in your face. In order to get that seamless beautiful look, you need to know how to match it with your outfits.

Any makeup artist will tell you that there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to applying makeup and matching it to an outfit. Most newbie women think that it is all a matter of playing with colors. However, matching your makeup to a specific set of clothing takes a little bit of skill and attention to detail.

Simple Ways to Complement Your Outfit with Makeup

Things to Avoid When Matching Makeup with an Outfit

Putting on the same color makeup as your dress or top is one of the first things to avoid. Identical colors will only camouflage your makeup instead of creating a complementing look.

Secondly, know when to wear brightly colored makeup. Sometimes this may not be ideal for all occasions. For instance, bright makeup colors are not good for workplace settings. This style is ideal when attending costume parties or with younger women and teens that want to wear makeup for fun and fashion instead of enhancing their beauty.

One more mistake to avoid when trying to match makeup with your outfit is mixing the wrong shade of colors. Contrasting makeup colors will only battle each other out rather than complement your outfit. In case you want to go with a contrasting look, try to choose makeup colors that create a harmonious blend with your chosen outfit.

What to Do when Matching Makeup with your Outfit

The key to matching makeup with any outfit is to mix colors that complement the hues of clothing you wear. For example, in case you are wearing a light blue tank top, you could choose a dark shade of blue for the eye shadow. In the same way, if you are wearing a light pink dress, you can opt for a bright or dark pink shade for the eyeliner.

A popular way to match makeup colors is the smoky eye appearance. This creates a base color scheme consisting of three different shades. To achieve this look, the light shade goes on the eyebrows, the darker tone on the eyelashes, and a bright color for your lipstick or eyeliner completes the look. Remember, you should choose three shades of makeup from the same color spectrum for the smoky eye style to work. This style often looks great with shades of gray, black and brown. Again, remember to include these colors in your outfit. However, the colors should not be an exact match with your makeup.

Last but certainly not least, try to match makeup primmer with your skin tone instead of your outfit. This helps to add a warm glow to your overall look.

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