Meet Ali Lohan: Lindsay Lohan’s Model Sister

By on December 22, 2015

Being a relative of a star regardless of all the good sides has also some difficulties. The main thing that most of the celeb siblings deal with is the hard work done to prove that they don’t copy their famous family members. A great example of such case is Ali Lohan, sister of our beloved actress Lindsay Lohan. One of her success stories started, when photographer Jesse Untracht-Oakner saw her portfolio and thought that this young woman has all the qualities that are needed to make his ideas reality. What followed next was Ali Lohan having an interesting, sexy photo shoot for Relapse magazine, where the young model showed the tough side of her personality! Take a look at this inspiring photo shoot and see how interestingly Ali Lohan brings a brand new way of toughness. As you can see there is a well thought atmosphere especially created in order to emphasize young, wild beauty of Ali.

Meet Ali Lohan: Lindsay Lohan's Model Sister
We have to admit that there couldn’t be any better corporation than styling by Brandy Joy Smith, makeup by Alexandrea Kwiatkowski and hair by Lizzie Anderson. All these amazing professionals helped to get the result of a playful, wild sexy look that leaves everyone speechless.
As Ali herself admits, she always wanted to be a model because she couldn’t imagine her life without traveling and having new experiences and it is really amazing how Untracht-Oakner managed to capture all these moments and feelings in order to create photo stories that can explain a lot more than words.

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