Cute Holiday Manicure Ideas to Try

By on December 22, 2015

Are ready to discover the best holiday nail art designs? Check out these cute holiday manicure ideas and get some inspiring ideas that will help you to create a flawless festive look!
Festive Home Decor Inspired Nails

Who said that festive home décors can only be used to get ideas for decorating your house? Now you can also use them as patters for creating a super cute holiday nail art! So, go ahead and draw cute bows, Christmas candies using the typical colors of this Holiday season and create a nail art that will leave everyone speechless!
Super Combo Nails

Now for those of you who want to go for something more intricate we suggest drawing the classical snowflake patterns on some fingers and combine them with something super cute just as these adorable penguins!
Sparkly NailsCute_Holiday_Manicure_Ideas_3 Remember adding a bit of glitter can be one of the easiest ways to transform your regular mani to festive. In fact, for better results we suggest you to add red and green glitter and create the best holiday atmosphere with your look!
Gift Wrap Inspired Nails

Why not? Use the most eye-catching gift-wrap patters as an inspiration to create the best festive nail art design! Probably this is the only category where there is no need to put any restriction to your color palette as the more are the colors used, the fancier will be the result!
Inspired by Christmas Sweaters Nails

Isn’t this nail art way too cute! How could one even think of something so genius! Using the adorable sweater designs as a source of inspiration to create an eye-catching holiday manicure! In fact you can use the red color as a base and decorate with white and you’ll achieve a perfect holiday nail art design that will make you stand out of the crowd!

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