6 SImple Tricks of Losing Weight

By on February 12, 2013

Having a perfect body is the dream of almost all people. The only reason the fair part of the humanity is interested in this more is that we women always try to be sexier. Why? This is one of the main reasons why men pay attention to us, the first thing that catches their attention is our LOOK.

What is needed for having a perfect body, especially if there is a need of losing weight? Here are a few slimming strategies that will help you during the weight loss process and in the process of creating your new “Perfect” body.

1. Lemon Juice while Snacking

Lemon juice is very important for your organism, so never try to underestimate it. When eating fruits, or salads or just vegetables, just add a little amount of organic lemon juice to them. The main reason is that it gives you the feeling of satiety for a long time and makes the process of emptying stomach slower.

banana dieting

2. Oatcakes and Peanut Butter

Add to your eating ration pair oatcakes and peanut butter; this is needed for taming your wish to eat sugary desserts. As you know oatcakes include slow-digesting carbohydrates, which helps you resist the passion towards those tasty desserts. Having such a snack you will not need eating for a long time.

3. Goat Cheese

One of the first things you should do is to change the simple cheese you eat every day with a goat one. The reason is that goat cheese includes lower calories and has that amount of proteins your organism needs for your diet. You can have goat cheese either at breakfast or in a small sandwich that you can eat during the day.

4. Drinking Milk

Do you have the wish of keeping you metabolism on top speed? Then you should know that a glass of milk in the afternoon is very important. Just give your organism enough amount of protein to make it work healthier.

milk dieting

5. Exotic Flavoring

According to Dr Alan Hirsch of Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation the exotic flavoring makes our brain to give us the feeling of satiety. Just add spices to your diet recipes and make the process of dieting easier and tasty.

6. Trick with Bananas

The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago claimed that the regular use of bananas is a key of losing weight. Many diet experts tell that this fruit influences on controlling your appetite, while sending the a signal of satiety to the brain.


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