Basic Yoga Stretches

By on December 19, 2015

May be you think that it’s the same thing doing simple exercises and yoga ones, but that’s a great misunderstanding! Yoga enables you to control your body and helps you to regulate your breathing in the right way, while regular exercising is just a series of common movements that just train your body. Of course, it has its important place too, but if you want to shape your body, find peace inside and out, you need yoga without any doubt! Here we present basic yoga stretches that may easily become a small part of your day!

Basic Yoga Stretches

Pelvic Tilts

You have constant problem of back pain or maybe you are pregnant and can’t do exercises but you need them, here this simple yoga stretch will help you. It’s a spinal exercise and will be very healthy for you. Well, all you need to do is lie on the floor or just stand with back against the wall and stretch your body up and down. Yes, that easy!

Straight Leg Lunge

This exercise may take a little effort to do but at the end you will feel like a newborn. Well, you should bend and straighten the front leg over that leg. The important thing is to try to keep the front foot flat on the floor and skip pushing it to come forward. At the end you should go back and forth between a bent and straight front leg in order to strengthen your front leg and for the exercise to be really effective.

Mountain Pose and Raised Arms Pose

This one is really too easy compared to the previous one! All you have to do is stand to legs nears to each other. Then you should try to bend down without separating your legs and thus creating mountain position. What about your arms, you should take them back and try to move them up. If you manage to slide them down not touching ears, this stretch will be highly effective for your body.

Rest in Corpse Pose

After each of this exercise and even after the combination of some of them you need a rest but here you will also be in yoga mood. In the pose of Savasana, that comprises just a few minutes, will regulate your body and will make you ready to continue your daily routine already with full of energy and compassion.

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