Quick Weight Loss Remedies

By on February 6, 2013

You have gained weight after so much awaited holidays and cannot get into your favorite tight jeans? Don’t worry, as you can solve the problem very easily and quickly. Since you have not yet managed to gain way too much, but 1 or two pounds only, the task is easier. Doctors say that newly gained couple pounds are easy to fight against, since they have not yet made their way to your weak points: thighs or tummy, for example, and turned into fat layers. Several days of continuous efforts will correct the problem.

Quick Weight Loss Remedies
Here are some quick tips to get rid of unwanted fat:
1. Do not starve! Sure it will allegedly take away the “easy pounds” for a short period. But once you return to your normal ration, they will quickly come back. So, what remains is to eat balanced and healthy. Say good-bye to high calorie foods, fried products and sweets. Fill your fridge with veggies, fruits, yogurts and freshly stewed juice. You can also spoil yourself with a small handful of nuts.
2. Secondly, organize a cleansing day, to make your stomach breathe. Limit yourself with pure water throughout the day. It will help you get rid of waste products. Those who think they cannot survive on water, are welcome to eat one kind of fruit: be it apples only, oranges or any other fruit, except for sweet ones: bananas, grapes or sweet exotic fruits.
3. Weight yourself periodically to keep track of your body changes.
4. Once you notice weight loss, start adding other products in small amounts into your daily intake. Remember about measure. Do not overload your poor stomach with more than it is able to accept and later digest.
5. To make your life fresh and happy, spend at least fifteen minutes walking in the fresh air, especially after meals.
All these easy tips will help you keep fit and you may even like continuing this diet even after reaching your goal. Once you have the aim, the goal will by all means be achieved.
And now hurry up to try on your tight jeans!

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