Things You Should and Shouldn’t Eat Before Going to Bed

By on December 22, 2015

As if it has become a habit to eat something before sleeping. You have a strong desire to try something very delicious, but you are afraid of gaining extra calories. To be in a good shape and to feel full, you should carefully choose what to eat before going to bed. Here is the list of tasty foods you should eat before going to bed.

Things You Should and Shouldn't Eat Before Going to Bed

Eat Cherries Before Going to Bed

Cherries are one of the things you should eat before going to bed. They will help you to burn calories. They are not only delicious but healthy, too. Cherries are high in melatonin and are great for insomnia. Just drink the juice of cherry and your calm sleep is guaranteed.

Drink Milk Before Going to Bed

You are recommended drinking a cup of milk before going to bed. Milk is good for health as it is rich in amnio acid, which is the component of proteins. Drink milk and you will get all the necessary nutrients.

Eat Jasmine Rice Before Going to Bed

Another good thing you are advised to eat before going to bed is the jasmine rice. It is very easy for digestion and will dismiss glucose into the blood circulation. It will keep your body in an ideal shape, getting rid of extra calories.

Eat Cereals Before Going to Bed

In case you want to eat something before sleeping and loose pounds at the same time, you had better go for cereals. You may make a delicious snack, using quinoa, barley and add milk. These cereals are very healthy, as they are high in carbs.

Eat Bananas Before Going to Bed

Another healthy thing you should eat before going to bed is the banana. Eating bananas, you will get magnesium and potassium, which are great for muscles and cardio.

Here is another list of foods you shouldn’t eat before going to bed.

Things You Should and Shouldn't Eat Before Going to Bed

Say No to Pasta

Pastas are very delicious for meal but you shouldn’t eat them at night, as due to the carbohydrates, you may gain calories. Pastas will also prevent your sleep, as they are high in glycemic index. Your calm sleep will be in danger.

Say No to Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the things that you may crave before going to bed. But, don’t even try to open your fridge and taste it, as they are high in fats. Ice creams are also rich in sugar, which will give you extra energy and spoil your sleep. Besides, you are more likely to have a nightmare. Thus, skip eating ice cream in order not to get fatter.

Say No to Celery

Are you amazed to see the celery among the bad things? Due to its diuretic feature, you will have to spend your night in the bathroom. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use vegetables at all. You just should avoid eating celery.

Say No to Dark Chocolate

Though you are a sweet eater, you should bear in your mind that dark chocolate is strictly restricted to eat before sleeping. Dark chocolate is very tasty, but at the same time it is rich in caffeine, which is bad for your sleep.

Say No to Pizza

Pizza is not the best snack choice for you. You should let your entire body rest and pizza will interfere in this process. Pizza contains tomato sauce in it, which is high in acid.

Thus, have a look at the mentioned above lists and choose the healthy foods among them. Enjoy them before sleeping and don’t think about gaining calories.

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