Ways to Make Someone Know You Like Them

By on July 18, 2013

Do you have tender feelings to a young man? Don’t you know how to show him your feelings? Here are several lifestyle tips you can read and follow.

1. Make eye contact and smile

Smiling has always been considered one of the ways of attracting a young man. Let’s also learn how to make eye contact. If you intend to attract your beloved, just make eye contact with him. Don’t gaze. Just look directly into his eyes and gradually turn your look. Surely, you will get his look, too.

Ways to Make Someone Know You Like Them

2. Touch him.

To create a friendly relation you had better touch him while talking to him. Your touches should be mild and graceful. He should not suspect another thing.

3. Remember things!

One of the ways to attract a young man is to remember important things concerning him and the things, which are dear to him. While talking to him, mention things concerning his life, which will show that you are not indifferent to him and to his life. In this way you will make him feel close to you and share everything with you. Remember that you should gradually make him know about your feelings. He shouldn’t consider you just a friend.

4. Ask him questions!

Young men love when you ask them many questions about him and his hobbies. Thus, share his opinion, his interests. Ask him about his favorite places, songs and singers. It will surely please him.

5. Tease

Teasing your friend is one of the easiest ways to love. It will seem a little childish, but it will do wonders. Tease him tenderly about his small and funny nose or furry hair. Later he may tease you, too. Thus, in this way you may achieve your goal.

6. Be close to his friends!

It’s obvious that when you are admired by your friend’s relatives and close friends, you will be pleasant to your friend, as well. He may consider their opinion, too. Thus, meet them, talk to them, show that you are very glad knowing them. The most important thing is to show your friend that you like to be among their company.

7. Look Good!

Pay much attention to your appearance while meeting him. You should be very pretty and pleasant to him. Smile as much as you can. Use a delicate makeup. Do a nice hairstyle. Polish your nails. Apply a good smelling hand cream and a perfume. Thus, do everything to look natural but at the same time attractive to him.

Ways to Make Someone Know You Like Them

8. Confidence

Be confident in your actions. While touching him, or talking to him, show your confidence. It is very essential not to be rude. If you are very ashamed, you will not achieve your aim. Young men like when girls are confident in their actions.

9. Keep your eye out!

While tempting your friend, don’t forget to keep your eye out. You might find someone more charming and attractive.

Thus, do everything to attract your friend if you want him to become your boyfriend.

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